Thermo Control’s number one goal is to have a safe and clean work place. It is our policy for all employees to be committed and actively involved in this goal. To accomplish this, our management team takes the necessary steps to establish appropriate safety activities to promote work practices designed to minimize and/or eliminate personal injury, property damage, and environmental damage. Some steps include:

1.Implementation of safety programs and practices throughout the company.
2.Rewards and penalties directly tied to safety performance.
3.Employee training before entering each new job site to keep top-of-mind.

It is our intent to comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and ordinances having jurisdiction in the area where our work is executed. Safety on the job requires the establishment of an appropriate work environment and an attitude by management, supervision, and craft personnel that reflects a commitment to safe work practices. A safe work environment is maintained by the elimination and safeguarding of all recognized hazards. Appropriate promotional activities designed to develop dedication and commitment to Thermo Control Safety goals and objectives are conducted on a regular basis on all jobs.

Compliance and enforcement of Thermo Control’s Safety and Health program is mandatory and a condition of employment.
Thermo Control Safety and Health program will continue to evolve to reflect changes in statutory regulation and improvements in our work practices. When changes occur, they are communicated to our work force and updated in previous applicable requirements.

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