Thermo Control, Inc. has been performing quality industrial contract work since 1990. The company's success is directly linked to the founder and sole owner Mr. Elias Franco. He has over 30 years experience prior to starting the company and has performed as a superintendent for large construction companies.

Two major categories of work performed by Thermo Control, Inc. are the application of industrial insulation and the application of industrial coatings. These are performed to many facilities in natural gas and chemical plants, municipal water/waste facilities, and cements plants.

The company also does general maintenance work for industrial sites as needed. In the company’s decade and a half of history, it has completed a number of large as well as small contracts in the areas of insulation and coatings.

Thermo Control’s success is due to three important factors. First and foremost, we complete each project safely by encouraging our employees to practice basic safety rules and by implementing safety incentives. The second is to complete projects efficiently and on time to the owners required schedule and time frame. The third and last factor is to complete each project to our clients satisfaction.